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July 10,2013
WILLOWRealty.biz is the sister site to WILLOW Realty's main website, WILLOWRealty.com.  Unfortunately, the WILLOWRealty.com site will be down for a while for maintenance and updating.  Please make use of the information available on this site until the full functionality of our .com site is available again. We apologize for any inconvenience

If you would like to contact WILLOW Realty directly, our information is:

115 E Myrtle Ave.
Johnson City, TN  37601
423 926-4200   office
423 926-4500   fax
800 455-0636   toll free

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DISCLAIMER: Many of the links on this page and throughout the WILLOW Realty website will connect you to other websites, separate from WILLOW Realty.  WILLOW Realty makes no claim of ownership or responsibility for these other websites or the accuracy of the information contained therein. The links to external websites are provided as public resources for the general public and entities interested in researching real estate.  Links connecting to other websites with property-for-sale listings may display some or all listings that are not part of WILLOW Realty's listing inventory.

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